Chlap Hrdina Dub Stroj

mixed media

The theme for this semester thesis was Chlap-Hrdina-Dub-Stroj (the four masculine declension paradigms in Slovak). 
I freely interpreted the topic as declension paradigms in art, necessary for us to obtain information about what and why 
to create. The name “Plan-Realization-Depiction-Postproduction” refers to the four strategies I consider to be basic. 
Every strategy is represented by a different form/medium. The plan is represented by drawing, realization by an object, 
depiction by painting, post-production by photography. Formally, I created a paraphrase of J. Kossuth's One and 
Three Chairs. It was not my ambition to escalate the conceptual character of the work, but to draw nearer to creating 
four separate works of art. The tabletop curved along the table legs – saw horses is a hybrid shape with ambiguous 
symbolism, with variations in different media and strategies.