Semi-detached. Object.

/ Dvojdomek

MDF, wood, filler
2220x100x100 cm

My diploma thesis is part of my continuous endeavor to see the concept of “house” and “home” in a broader sense.
It works with the mass of the house itself as with a shell, with the inhabitants and their objects of daily use 
becoming its contents. The shape of the table is identical to the one from the house of my grandparents, in which 
I spent my childhood. The model of the house, embedded into the tabletop, is the transposition.
I used the scale 1:15, with which I worked in the past – the miniature gallery and its exhibition. The negative 
embedding visually creates a trough. It is a way to  look into people's intimate spaces. Even though we are seeing 
emptiness, a naked disposition, the fact that the house is embedded into the table refers us to the daily meals and 
work carried out at the table, different every day.