Model situation

/ Modelová situace

plexiglass, PVC
cca 60x80x50 cm each

This work is in line with my older projects, mainly po formal stranke. It uses the principles of the model and 
the miniature to present the more or less utopian gallery projects by 4 authors. In choosing the artists, I strove 
for diversity of their positions towards galleries/institutions, with regard also to the general direction of their work 
so far. The common point of departure is the submission, the same for all exhibiting artists: an ideal or unfeasible
exhibition. I did not focus on the quality of the projects put before me but on the design of buildings what would be 
the best to house and support the desired project. From a certain point of view, this is a fulfillment of a visual 
artist's illusions; from another, it is an endeavor to explore the relationship between the curator and the artist, 
criticism and art, authorship and co-authorship. The emergent project does have the ambition to speak 
to the viewer on a visual level, as I intentionally use means of expression which are, for many reasons, attractive 
in and of themselves. On the other hand, my focus in not estheticizing and I am not trying to enforce my own 
creative thought but rather to fulfill the needs of the exhibiting artists, who act in the role of “investors”, which, 
secondarily, points to ambiguities in today's architecture.