At first intense light, then a heavy blow

/ Nejdřív velké světlo, pak ohromná rána

Mixed media
105 x 163 x 35 cm 

Project realized in cooperation with Anna Balážová.
The exhibition At first intense light. Then a heavy blow, is a briefhalt made by two beings somewhere on their way, 
somewhere on the stairs, on the mezzanine. It is a small digression from their joint long-term work on animation. 
It proveds current testimony about the image being created collectively by these two individuals, who have both 
carried the concept within themselves all their lives. It is testimony to the image which they are both trying to keep 
in their memory, but it is changing as they are changing.  Their conversations often buzz with themes examining one 
or other alternatives of this visual memory. They mutually control the words they use because thir symbolism could 
easily lead to disclosure. Layering and abstraction is the technique through which they try to find a way to support 
a narrative space. The connection of the animation to the land, to something solid, is being created  simultaneously 
and is apparent in the development of the journay through the landscape. The original wild countryside is firmly 
present in the memory, even though it has been rewritten many times. Another re-writting is in the decision to 
reconstruct it in a small model. The result is a reflection of one of many moments, proceded by very small shift. 
There is no searching, but rather a meeting with the initial inspiration in its ideal position. The mezzanine is 
a moment of silence between the moment of understanding and the ensuing joy and the fountain of energy.